Test Results

We handle lots of test results every day. Some tests are done for diagnostic purposes and some simply for monitoring. As a general guide blood test results take 2 (working)days to come back, urine and stool cultures take 3 days and X-rays/scans take 10 days. These delays reflect the time taken to analyse the results before they are sent out to us. If there is a serious abnormality on a test the hospital will usually call us immediately that they discover it and we will act accordingly.

At the time of arranging a test, your doctor may ask you to make a follow-up appointment to go through the results. If this arrangement has been made you will not be phoned about your results unless you need to be seen sooner than your planned follow up. You should not assume that because you have not heard from us the follow-up appointment is not necessary.

However, for many simple tests, you may be told that we shall contact you if any follow up is required. Subsequently, you may get a phone call or letter from the surgery asking you to come in to be seen again. This is likely to be for a routine matter and should not be interpreted as a sign that something serious is wrong. Our receptionists will be very happy to book you another appointment at your convenience.

If you have heard nothing and would just like to check that your results are back and have been checked by your doctor you can call our receptionists after 11 am and they will do their best to help you.