Travel Advice and Immunisations

We are able to offer a number of vaccinations for travel and many of these are available on the NHS and thus are free. These include tetanus boosters, immunisations against Hepatitis A and Typhoid. Some vaccines though (such as Yellow Fever, Rabies and Japanese Encephalitis) are not available on the NHS and should you need them for a more exotic holiday, such as Cambodia, Vietnam, parts of Africa/Asia, you will be asked to pay for the vaccines prior to booking your appointments.

Important notice: We need a minimum of 8 WEEKS’ notice of your intention to travel in order to complete your travel vaccination schedule.

In order to accurately inform patients of vaccinations recommended it important that we have as much information as possible and we must have that at least 8 weeks before you are intending to travel.

Please complete this travel questionnaire which will give us additional information to assist the Nurse in arranging your travel schedule.

Please then send this document to us, either by email: or print the document to hand in at reception and the Practice Nurse will come up with a plan of vaccinations for you, if necessary.

We will contact you in advance if there is any charge payable and will organise your first appointment.

We know this might seem like a lot of work, but doing all of this preparation in advance means we save you time if you don’t need any immunisations (so no wasted journey to the surgery), we determine in advance what you might need (and get the vaccines ordered in time) and you’re notified in advance of any possible charges for non-NHS vaccines.