Do you or a loved one live in the South West of England and have experience of receiving health or social care? 

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As part of the Digital Neighbourhood programme, six Teams in the South West of England are being supported through a human-centred design approach to improve the care you currently receive to achieve better health and care outcomes.    

We want to learn from you about your current experience of care including: 

  • Personalised care – is your care tailored to your personal circumstances and what is important to you / your loved one? 
  • Proactive care – do you know what services and support are available to you / your loved one early on to help prevent your health and wellbeing getting worse, and to proactively manage a condition?
  • How you feel about the use of digital tools and technology as part of your / your loved one’s care or to manage a condition and what would help enable and support you to do so? 

What is important to you? When making decisions about your care, your voice is the most important.

We want to hear about your preferences and values to help improve the experience and quality of care that you receive.  

We will be sharing a survey (it will be short, easy, and informal), we need you to take a few minutes (no more than 10) to complete it. 

The survey can be accessed here:

If you need support accessing the survey or a require in a different format, please contact us [email protected] / 07908206276