Access the #RightCareFirstTime

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The NHS is in crisis – Help patients access the “Right Care, First Time”

New campaign video helps explain why you don’t always need to see the GP

General practice is facing unprecedented pressure. Demand is exceeding capacity, patients are facing longer delays and abuse in practice is rising as a result.

Recently the Institute of General Practice Management (IGPM) launched their campaign to try to reduce the burden on GPs by explaining why you don’t always need to see the doctor.

GP surgeries frequently now have teams of exceptionally skilled, qualified healthcare professionals who have the experience and competency to treat many of the patients who traditionally believe they need to see the GP.

  • Repeat medication queries are managed most effectively by pharmacists
  • Sprains, sports injuries and muscle pains are treated by a Musculoskeletal specialist or physiotherapist
  • Pregnancy tests or the morning-after-pill can be accessed via a Pharmacist
  • Earache and sinuses can be managed by your Nurse Practitioner or Paramedic
  • Your child is running an ongoing high fever that is not responding to medication, or you have a lump in your breast – your GP wants to see you

Utilising the experience of the full primary care team, ensures your GP is able to see the patients who need their expertise more quickly, reducing the demand on their time.