Appointment Information

Our routine appointment length with a GP is now 15 minutes.

Ways to Book


You may request a suitably trained chaperone for any procedure, test or examination. Friends and family are not permitted to act as chaperones. Please note – both male and female clinical team members work within the practice, if you have a preference, please ensure you discuss this when you book your appointment. For more information, please speak to our reception team.

Klinik: Online Consultation

You may find it easier to fill out an e-Consult form via the link below. If you have an issue that you would like to discuss with a GP, please fill out the form with as much detail as you can. This form, once submitted, is then seen by a GP for action and you will hear back from us within 2 working days, but often the same day.

Klinik: Contact us online!

If one of the branch surgeries is closed, appointments can still be booked via Portscatho reception.

For those who find it difficult to attend an appointment with their doctor during work or school hours there are appointments available out of hours – please enquire at reception.

Improving Access to General Practice

We are participating in a national incentive to offer evening and weekend appointments to make it easier for you to see a doctor, nurse or another healthcare professional at a time more convenient to you between 6.30 pm and 8 pm Monday to Friday, and at various hours at the weekend. The aim of the national scheme is to help people who may find it difficult to see a healthcare professional during the traditional surgery opening hours of 8.30 am to 6.30 pm Monday to Friday.


We are working in partnership across the local area so you may not see a clinician from this practice. The clinician will have access to a summary but not your full medical records so appointments are better suited to new conditions or single issue enquiries. The practice will receive a full summary of your consultation and any actions resulting from it the next morning.

Once the benefits of this service have been assessed, it may result in longer opening hours being available on a more permanent basis.

Please contact reception for details on the locations of these clinics and how to book an evening or weekend appointment.

Telephone Appointments

Simple issues can often be dealt with by the receptionist on the above numbers. If your query requires input from your doctor, we can offer you a telephone appointment on a particular day at a particular time. Do please ask the receptionist if you think your issue could be dealt with over the phone.

If you have a complicated medical issue that you would like to discuss with your doctor it would be best if you can book an appointment in the usual way.